• Letters from E.K.

    Letters from E.K.

    Your weekly pen pal (Life and Psychology) ·To support me, you can join Medium using my referral link https://medium.com/@lettersfromEK/membership

  • Ioana Somi

    Ioana Somi

    Multi-passionate who took a break from her grown up job without a backup plan. 🤹‍♀️ I write to make sense of the world around me. 🎨

  • Razvan Dragomir

    Razvan Dragomir

    Software Architect at TSS-Yonder

  • Toni Simu

    Toni Simu

  • Marius Indrie

    Marius Indrie

  • Busecan Ionut

    Busecan Ionut

    Business Analyst and Product building enthusiast

  • Tarantool


    In-memory computing platform

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